Be honest with yourself:

  • Do you get a little NERVOUS when you walk into a reception with zero natural light?

  • Are you TIRED of those flashy looking images?

  • Are your reception images INCONSISTENT with your natural light ones?

Find Out:

  • The EXACT settings

    Learn the exact manual settings for both your camera and speedlights. No more guessing!

  • The Secret Sauce

    We have a secret system that is FAIL SAFE. Find out the one set up of where to place your light stands that ALWAYS works, no matter what!

  • Troubleshooting

    Learn how to get rid of shadows + dark backgrounds and the tricks I use on the wedding day!

BEFORE and AFTER from one of our past students:

Find out how to get rid of shadows and create natural light with OCF. Thanks Megan Lee!


I used to be super SCARED of those ballroom weddings. I would always HOPE that there were some windows for my reception details so I could at least get some reception images consistent with my natural light ones. After years of working with flash, I was able to master OCF and create a system that works with every type of reception room. On top of it, my images are consistent with my natural light ones, which creates a seamless final gallery for my clients.
Master Off Camera Flash

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
    The WHY
  • 3
    Chapter #1
    • 1. The Equipment
    • 2. The Set Up
    • POP QUIZ
    • How to Sync Nikon OCF System
    • How to Sync Canon OCF System
    • Syncing with Pocket Wizard on Wedding Day
  • 4
    Chapter #2
    • 3. ISO setting
    • 4. Aperture setting
    • 5. Shutter Speed setting
    • 6. Flash setting
    • POP QUIZ
  • 5
    Chapter #3
    • 7. Live Set Up: Where to place stands
    • 8. Two Flash System
    • 9. Three Flash System
    • POP QUIZ
  • 6
    Next steps
    • Let's Wrap This UP!
    • More resources for you
    • Before you go...
  • 7
    • Troubleshooting
    • Real Wedding Day Set Ups

Are you tired of turning all your reception images to black and white? YUCK!

Find out how to get your natural light images to be consistent with your reception ones!

Rock your next ballroom wedding!

The Solution to your Problem

The truth is that every photographer NEEDS to have a strong handle on OCF. Follow along with 11 videos, a workbook, and over 15 pages of content to learn how to light up your next reception to look like natural light.

The single, easiest way to use Off Camera Flash (OCF)

The single, easiest way to use Off Camera Flash (OCF)

Flash images can never look like natural light ones, WRONG!!!

Find out how to make OCF images bright and airy. Follow along with me as I demonstrate a live set up.
Flash images can never look like natural light ones, WRONG!!!

What's in it FOR YOU:

  • Find out the EXACT gear you need

  • Learn where to set your light stands (If you get this wrong your images will look harsh or flat)

  • Get the exact settings for BOTH your camera and speedlights in manual mode

  • Master our system of making consistent OCF images look bright and airy like natural light.


Sydney from Chosen Photography

I watched Liz's flash course on a Thursday, added a few new equipment pieces on a Friday, and shot the best wedding I've ever shot on that Saturday. True story! I've been shooting weddings for about three years now and always struggled with flash! I have been a lover of beautiful lighting in ballrooms and the higher ended weddings we book the better I wanted to be at flash! I watched her videos and everything made perfect sense! I feel like a pro! I have a lot to learn but I've received so many compliments and I am SO confident in my work right now! I cannot wait for more courses to come out!


  • Q: Is this for Nikon or Canon or Sony?

    It works for any system! It’s all about the settings and placement of your light stands.

  • What if I just have one flash?

    That’s ok! We will teach you how to build on the system you already have without making you intimidated by OCF.

  • How advanced is this course? OCF is too overwhelming.

    We teach you how to use OCF with zero math and formula. Anyone can follow.

  • Is this for outdoor portraits?

    Nope! This course is just for indoor reception details and events like first dance, speeches, parent dances, and cake cutting.

Download your own workbook

Follow along with your own PDF so you can get all my exact settings.
Download your own workbook


On top of videos and a PDF workbook, you get MORE resources

  • Troubleshooting

    $100 value

    We have an entire PDF for troubleshooting. Find out how to correct shadows and figure out where to place your stands. Follow along with my REAL wedding set ups.

  • Real Wedding Day Set ups

    $100 value

    This is for my visual learners! In this 14 page PDF we show EXACTLY where my OCF stands were placed so you can see the before and after.

Before and After from one of our students:

Thanks Megan Lee!


It's time to grow up and stop just using one on camera flash. It's time to stop turning all your reception images into black and white just because you are scared. It's time to be confident in ANY reception room. The time to invest in your business is NOW. Make your clients and your vendors HAPPY with a consistent final image gallery.