Does this sound like you?

  • Are you tired of being rejected by editors?

  • Do you struggle with picking the right images for the submission?

  • Do you get stuck on the write up?

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The Why:

Being featured in multiple magazine and national blogs has helped me attract and book my ideal bride. Instead of paying for marketing, influential Instagram accounts show my images to THOUSANDS of brides. Guys, it's FREE marketing!
Find out HOW!
The Why:

You will learn:

  • How to write a pitch to the editor

  • Fix the 5 mistakes photographers make

  • How to curate your wedding gallery

  • My entire workflow, from culling to picking the right images

  • The images you HAVE to submit

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Course Curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
    Picking the Right Weddings to Submit
    • a. How to Pick the Right Wedding to Submit
    • b. Real Life example of how I choose what to submit
  • 5
    • Part 1 re-cap
  • 6
    Curating the Submission Gallery
    • a. How to Pick the Right Images
    • b. My Workflow
    • c. The Images You Need to Submit
    • d. How I Curate a REAL Wedding
    • e. The Final Submission Gallery
    • f. Creating a Narrative Images: PRACTICE
    • g. Re-cap: POP QUIZ
  • 7
    The Write Up
    • a. The Write up.pdf
    • b. Real Submission Emails
    • c. Sample Write Up
  • 8
    The Submission Process
    • a. How to Pick the Right Publication
    • b. How to Pick the Right Publication: RECAP
    • c. LIST: Where to Submit Your Wedding
    • d. Homework: Make your own Checklist
  • 9
    • Part 2 re-cap
  • 10
    But Liz, I have never been featured
    • a. "My work is not good enough"
    • b. 5 Steps to Getting Published
    • c. GUIDE: How to Successfully Set up a Styled Shoot
  • 11
    The MACRO of getting featured
    • a. The Big Picture
    • b. 5 Mistakes Photographers Make
    • c. Part 3 re-cap
  • 12
    • Hashtag: Things I have done for the submission
    • Before you go...

What students are saying:

By taking Liz’s course, I was able to learn and understand so many important details on how blogs and magazines choose their images they want to feature. Liz explained in detail the steps and process from beginning, middle, and end of the publishing process. She discusses how to prepare your bride and vendors, how to shoot on the wedding day, how to choose the right quantity and types of images, and even how to word your emails! And such a helpful bonus- she even includes sample galleries and emails for you to look at as well as a workbook for you to follow along with! This course is not just for fine art photographers, but any photographer who really wants to dive deeper into getting published on a blog or in a magazine. I learned so much from Liz and had a handful of “A-ha!” moments by taking this course! I would absolutely recommend this course for any professional photographer looking to reach a wider audience and have their work featured! - Missy Freeman
What students are saying:

The Investment

You will receive videos, presentations, guides, downloadable PDFs, and a 20 page workbook for you to follow along. This is a 3-week course created to get your next wedding featured.You can either do it in one payment or 3 easy payments of $100.

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  • What if I have never been featured?

    You've come to the right place! We will walk you through how to get your first wedding featured.

  • I have been featured in small local blogs before but I am ready for a national feature. Will this help me?

    YES! Every photographer gets stuck sometime. We will help you write your next pitch for that print feature.

  • My weddings just don't have enough details...

    That is completely ok! We will help you work with what you have while also giving you the next steps to booking the right weddings for publications.

  • How long does this course take?

    This course takes 3 weeks. You will receive each part a week apart.


  • Get the complete list of images you need to submit

    No more guessing

    Find out what kind of images editors are looking for so that you include in your final gallery.

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Follow along with over 20 pages of solid content and checklists. You will be able to download complete list of images you need to submit, sample write up for your next submission, and the latest list of blogs and magazines for submission.